Thursday, August 14, 2014

Julep Maven for August: Boho Glam box

I haven't really posted much about Julep. It's a nail polish subscription. You're either into it or you're really not. For me, I'm into artistic endeavors and nail painting is something I've been trying to branch out into as a creative outlet. Nothing terribly fancy and certainly not for a side business. Just for my own amusement, I suppose.

I will talk more about how this sub box works, but first, to the box.

This months tissue paper and worms are pretty. *shrug*

From the left: India, Waleska, Avni

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Avni was an add-on polish that I paid for with Jules (it's like their point system currency). I had enough to cover an additional polish and Avni was such a lovely purple, how could I resist?

There was also an eye liner in Smoky Plum, but I have already given it to my mother who has needed a purple liner for some length of time. I'll throw up a stock image

That was my box for the month. It costs 25 a month. You usually get your first box free. (They tell you what the code is when you sign up.) I like this box but I will more than likely quit fairly soon. You really only NEED so much polish. I am starting to reach ridiculous amounts and I've only been a member for three months. 

The deal with this sub is you take their little beauty quiz and they will decide what category best fits you based on how you answered. I got Boho Glam.

You can customize your box on the 20th of every month when the Maven window opens. You can see what they have on offer and if you don't like what is in your box you can switch to any of the other ones that have polishes/products that you DO like, so it's not set in stone.

If you like what you see and you feel like you want to give this a shot, please feel free to use my  Maven referral code. I'm pretty sure the code to get your first box free is FREEBOX, but don't quote me on that. You will have to pay 2.99 for shipping, so keep that in mind if you order.

Wantable Intimates: August 2014

This month's Wantable Intimates didn't excite me very much. It was ok, but nothing that really spoke to me outside of the socks.

It's still one of my favorite boxes and it is very much worth what I put into it every month so I don't have any complaints.

Enough of that! On to the box!

I do enjoy the somewhat personal touch. I realize it's only a printed sticker, but it's nice.

It looks so neat and dainty i hate to ruin it by unpacking!

This is a tank/cami. It feels a lot like shapewear and it is very form-fitting. Feels nice. It will go nicely with some other new items I just got.

Under the tank, the rest of my box

Crew socks from TipiToe

The skulls, of course, are my favorite.

"The Florence Knicker" boyshort. Mesh argyle print accented with white lace. 

I assume the puckering accentuates the booty cheekal area? I have no idea. I kinda like it though.

This claims to be a crossover sleep bra. I enjoy a good soft bra and I've been fortunate to get one in each box. Very comfy.

As you see, the box value adds up to 82.00, which is great for only paying 36.00

The socks have to be my favorite item in this months box. I mean SKULLS. That's the quickest way to my heart. The panties are alright. I do LOVE the boyshort style.

If you want a Wantable of your own, please feel free to follow and use my Wantable referral code link. You can order a box of makeup, accessories (usually jewelry), or the intimates box for yourself (or if you're a guy, give a gift to your girlfriend or wife). I've tried the Accessory box before and enjoyed it. Be sure to look at my past entries to see what I got there if you need examples.

Graze for the week of August 10-17

I have discovered a brand new love from this round of Graze. Banana shortbread with caramel dipping sauce. HO-LY CRAAAAAP. It is forbidden fruit (bananas) but when it's just three little cookies, I'm sure it won't hurt too bad. (I'm a dialysis patient and bananas are high in potassium, which is bad. If you want to know more, ask in the comment section.)

Everything else was good too, but the shortbread wins. I could eat this every day for the rest of EVER.

If you'd like to get a free box, follow my referral link right HERE!

Would you like to have a look? Of course you would!

The guts

Shortbread and caramel by themselves are fantastic. This was heaven on earth for me.

Jealous? You should be! 

Scandinavian Forest mix. Lingonberries, blueberries, cherries, raisins and apples.

Sour cream and onion cashews. Just as good as it sounds!
Americas Nut Mix. Peanuts, almonds, pecans, and brazil nuts.

I have to say I was extremely pleased with this box. Everything that came in it was delicious. The shortbread was the absolute best and now I have to find and perfect my own recipe for banana-caramel shortbread.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Horror Block for July!

So my Horror Block arrived this morning. I was excited to break into it and even more delighted when I saw what was inside. You guys HAVE to see all the loot in here this month. I screeched when I saw what the PoP! vinyl was this time around.... Sharknado. It is effing adorable. I haven't even seen the movie but I HAD seen pictures of this when it debuted on the net (I run in certain circles and usually see the stuff when it drops) and I thought I was gonna die of a cute explosion. I'm a dork.

Ok. Ok. I'm gonna just start with the pictures and talk as we go. Ready? Yeah, you are!

LOVE this shirt, dude. LOVE IT.

I've NEVER heard of these before but he is adorable! Success Juju. Perfect timing! 

Here is a list of all the others.

Alien pins. Very cool!

This is the 'dorablest one I have EVER SEEN!

*dies from acute CUTE attack*

Looking forward to this. Rue Morgue is such a good quality 'zine.

I figured I'd give you a glance at a couple pages

And a couple more

Now this said it was a blind box on the packing list but it clearly tells you who you have inside.

Works for me. Sally is my favorite.

And that wraps up this months Horror Block. It was EVEN BETTER than the first. I am totally refusing to cancel this box yet. I have already become REALLY attached to that Zumbie.  The shirt and magazine alone make the box worth it for me. Everything else is just a fun extra. My favorite thing about these kinds of things is that you almost never know what you're going to get. I love surprises! I hope you guys enjoyed looking with me as much as I enjoyed opening it.

Boxycharm for July

So not only was Boxycharm EXTREMELY late this month but there have been subsequent problems with "Charms" (their referral points and such) and email communication and poorly designed website. On top of all those already aggravating circumstances, this months box just really sucked for me. I will explain as we go through the pictures. Are you ready? Let's do this!!

America the Beautiful? I don't really "get" that from this box. So just because it's July, eh? *sigh*

I do like the white and gold "worms"

Bella Pierre shadow? 
Before I took off the sticker and swatched.

You can barely see it, but it's there. Look for the vague shimmer.

I like this red. Cool with it.

Rodeo Drive Red

Now I KNOW this is a good brand of sunscreen but I JUST got a small size in my Ipsy bag. Now I have a full size too?? I'm cool on the SPF front, guys. 

Lip liner in Cinnamon. I do NOT have a lipstick that goes with this....

How it looks with my skin tone.

The lipstick they DID give me.... the fresh hell?

This is entirely too TOO pink. Too blue based.

Looks effing terrible on my skin. Looks horrid on my mother too. Can't use it, and now it's GONE. Good riddance.

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I have decided to cancel Boxycharm. The deed is done. The wait for this months box, the lack of apology, the shorting me on reward points from a prior referral and the nonsense of the contents of this box all contributed to this decision. 

Don't get me wrong, most of the time they do right by you. Great stuff in the boxes but I find I really only need SO MUCH makeup before it just starts to become a frivolous waste of money. So I'm done on that front.

Q Box: Summer Fun Special Edition Box

Sooooo..... Q Box. Q Box is a subscription box that gathers up a mix of items that are popular over in Korea and Japan. Every month is different but you are always guaranteed to get something pretty cute (from the looks of other un-boxings I have seen). This is my first experience with Q Box. This is actually the Special Edition Summer Fun box. I believe it costs 60.00 (well, when they still had them available... these boxes go FAST!). At this point in my blogging you may have begun to wonder where on earth does this chick get the money for all this tomfoolerly. Sure. Some of these I pay for myself. On others I get a discount. This one came from my boyfriend who decided to go a little overboard and pre-purchased it for me. It arrived yesterday. 

Enough with my ramblings, let us move on to what's on the inside!

The first thing I notice is this. It is a pearl and crystal headband. You tie it up under your hair with the beautiful white ribbon. I haven't really played with it yet, hence the lack of a more descriptive picture.

Interesting "Noodle" headphones. I'll be trying these out at dialysis tomorrow.

It's cute but not 55.00 cute. Whoa.

It's a cute little makeup bag. Those styrofoam things are just space holders to keep the ribbon from being smashed out of shape. They go in the garbage. I haven't bothered removing them yet.

Bath/Beach Towel in Elegant Rose.

Now I KNEW I was getting this because it was part of the sneak-peek email. It is a bit smaller than I had anticipated. I hope I would be able to use it for dialysis, but my blanket will not fit in it.


The primer. #001 Mild Peach. It smells nice. Very delicate. 

Primer after blending.

The liner bottle. Cute.

A nice, fine tip for perfect and delicate lines. I approve.

Hm. Not sure what to think. Liner keeps a shiny look to it and it rubs off fairly easily. Peels, more like.

And the insert shows the "supposed" value of these objects. Seems a tad inflated to me, but perhaps I am just THAT out of touch with this sort of a thing. But since this was all a gift I am certainly more than happy with it. It was exciting and fun and I can't wait to play with all of it more.

If you're interested in this box, check out this link.