Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ellagee: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

I made a small purchase from indie polish designer, ellagee. This is a black jelly base with holo dolphin glitter and tiny glitters. After two coats it looks like dolphins in space, hence the name. For those of you NOT nerdy enough to know, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish is a Douglas Adams reference. When I happened upon her Storenvy I couldn't help myself. I had to have this polish. She also sent along a roll of smarties and wrapped it nicely in bubble wrap and a cute purple bag. 

Be sure to check out her online store!! She has a ton of really cute polishes.

One very thin first coat. It's a black jelly with dolphin holo-glitter

Rainbow Honey for July

This month, I ended up buying a bunch of stuff from Rainbow Honey. I ordered the large mystery bag, a polish, a top coat, a perfume, and a scented oil. Because my total went over a certain amount, I qualified to get the mini mystery bag for free as well as a free full size version of Neon Blossom. 

I have learned that there is no difference between the mini and the large mystery bags aside from the size of the polishes and one or two of the other products they throw in. So save yourself some cash and order just one or the other.  Come along and see what I got. Well, this is only PART of my order. The other items are still on back order. Waaaaaiting!

The contents of the mini bag.

The mini gel

The mini perfume

Cuticle balm in the melon Midori scent

From L-R: Neon Blossom, Deep Heart Sea, Viridis, and Chemical Plant

Same order as above. Better look at the colors?

The large roller of Midori scent and an aloe-based cooling gel for sunburns also in Midori

I enjoy Rainbow Honey, but I feel they are very glitter-centered and while it IS cute it is also a massive pain in the ass to remove. I think I will be taking a break from nail polish for a while now.

Loot Crate for July! Villains

This is also running quite a bit behind schedule since I've had this well over a week and a half. What can I say? I'm a lazy girl sometimes. July's theme was Villians. I loved the box but they seemed to be very Joker focused this time around. I felt perhaps they could have mixed it up just a lil bit more. I am still over-all very happy with these guys. Every month has been fun. Lots of useless, silly things but the shirts are always good and things like socks are a nice bonus. Cannot argue with that at all. 

If you'd like a Loot Crate of your own, now is the time to sign up!! Follow my Loot Crate referral link and be sure to enter the coupon code: HEROES to get 10% off your first box. I think you know by the coupon code that August's box theme will be based around hero figures, just like this box was based around villians. Now come enjoy my box with me!

VANDALS!!! Cute ^_^

Deadpool socks rock! Also there is the "magazine: where they discuss this months Loot Crate picks.

He has been added to the monster metal closet doors in my living room where I am planning an army of magnets.

Luke, I am your.... keychain? 

Harley Quinn has always been one of my favorites.

THIS is bad-ass.

Loot Crate exclusive variant. Niiiice!

The collectible pin for July


If Joker and Loki somehow crossed dimensions and had a terrible splicing accident.

Hahaha wow I look rough. The shirt is boss, though.

Splendies for July: The Red, The White, The Blue!!

Splendies is seriously one of my favorite boxes right now. Well, not so much a box, but surprise mail. They are almost always cute and sometimes even comfortable. Want to get them for yourself? Use my referral link and be sure to mention my name (Heather Clark) when they ask who referred you. You can get 4 dollars off your first month with the code: SPLENDIES. 8 dollars for three cute pairs? HELL YES!!!

These are soooo cute. I love polka dots AND red so I get the best of both worlds here!
Eh. This is not so friendly on the sensitive scar tissue of my midline at the moment. I may appreciate these more once the scar is older. Right now, it sort of bites into me and hurts. 

These are absolutely my favorite. I love the ivory panel and the cute bow with the little charm hanging form it. And of course the lace detail.

I look forward to seeing what new pair I'm going to get every month. If you guys subscribe let me know what you get too!

Box of Dread July 2014

Most folks who know me on a personal level know I have a strong love for horror. I had learned a couple months back that Dread Central offered a horror themed sub box every month so I decided to jump on it for the first time THIS month. I was pretty excited but I do have to admit once it arrived and I had pawed through the contents of the box I was a little disappointed. 

Why? I honestly have to say that I could have gone to any horror convention in my area and been able to pick up most of these items for probably LESS than the price of the box (It was like 20 bucks). Follow me down to the photos and we'll talk about them individually. This months box features Full Moon features merch and movie (plus a free month of their streaming film catalog... was a good deal with THAT bit at least)

What I saw once I opened it.

You had a chance to get a couple different shot glasses OR the cards. I got the cards.

Shrug. They're cool.
I got a copy of Trancers. Never seen it. At least I don't think I have? Hmm...

Small print poster of the film Laserblast...... cheeeeeese, hahaha.

I thought THIS was pretty cool. I haven't read it yet, but it is on my to-do list.

I don't want to bad mouth the box at all. It's fine. Just not 20 bucks fine. I'd feel better if it were 15. Needless to say, I cancelled. Probably won't get it again. Horrorblock is way more fun. 

Ipsy July 2014

I've been running quite a bit behind on my unboxing reviews, so bear with me while I play catch up. 

Here we have this months Ipsy bag. I didn't really care for the makeup bag. Just some hot pink pleather looking thing that I feel a grade school child could have made in a home ec. class. Maybe I am being too harsh, or perhaps it was just a very gifted child. I don't know. I'll probably pass it along or sell it or something. 

Am I being too harsh or do you think my opinion is dead-on?

I DO like the zipper pull. Cutest part of the bag. 

The first thing I saw in the bag was a tiny little sample card and inside it was the tiniest little tube of cream eyeshadow I've ever seen. It's adorable. Endearing. 

It is a 5-in-1 BB shadow in Divine Wine from Bare Minerals. The description reads:

Meet the next generation in eyeshadow: creamy, long-wearing color meets exceptional skincare benefits and broad spectrum SPF protection. Chock-full of skin-loving ingredients, this breakthrough product delivers 5 benefits in one luxurious formula: 

1.) 12-hour long-wearing color 

2.) Super-charged primer 

3.) Powerful brightening benefits 

4.) Smoothes fine lines 

5.) Protects with SPF 

Available in a range of 10 seductively neutral shades.

Next up we have a bronzer from PoP Beauty. I didn't even open it. Is that bad? Haha! I just really don't use bronzer. I will play with it, but yeah, it is still not opened and I've had it for at least two weeks. It's "Secret Sunshine".

Stock image because I TOTALLY forgot to take a proper picture out of excitement. 

Next up is a lip gloss from Pixi. The color is Unique Pink. It's my favorite item out of the bag this month! 

Won't use this. Gave it to my dad who is out in the sun 500x more than I am. *shrug*

Baby size sun screen.

Swatch of the gloss and the shadow.

Overall, I was not impressed with this month. I'm keeping them for one last month but I think after August, I'm done with Ipsy for now.