Friday, July 18, 2014

Grazebox for Independence!

I've actually had this box for a number of days already but I usually like to take my time and try everything out before I make my post so that I can review it at the same time I'm sharing what I actually received rather than just going on blind assumption that something will taste good or bad. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to make sure I properly represent this box.

Makes sense, right? Well, to start off, this time around the box goes from sensible, natural brown to a very cute red, white, and blue print for the 4th of July. How festive! I loved seeing the change. So cheerful and fun!

And here is what came inside. Fruity Mango Chutney with black pepper dippers. Lightly Toasted Pistachios. Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl and Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie.

I was the MOST excited about this flavor. As delicious as it SOUNDS it really wasn't that awesome. *sad face* The nuts tasted a little south of stale... they were on that weird soft-side where it felt they had sat out in humidity post-roasting and then sat around in a warehouse too long. The vanilla fudge was sort of hard. Tiny little hard blocks. I had also been under the assumption that the cookies would have been peanut butter cookies, but silly me, they were chocolate. That is not a complaint, just not what I would have gone by with the name. But you can see in the package and ON the package they are chocolate. I give this an "Eh."

Next thing I tried was the mango chutney. I did not care for this. Now the little cracker-stick things were great! But I am not a chutney girl. I just have never cared for it. It's like you take three questionable things and mix them together for what I would liken to spicy piss-jelly. Mango usually tastes rotten to start with. I don't mean it tastes bad, I mean in nature it just tastes like something that is 2 days away from fermentation. Vinegar is always very yes or very no for me. And then you add hot pepper flakes for that perfect what-in-the-actual-yuck factor. Never again, thanks.

This next one was delicious. How could they not be? It's pistachios. The perfect snack, in my opinion. 

Last up we have the Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl which was blueberry yogurt covered raisins, raspberry flavored cranberries and black currants. I decided to save this one for breakfast instead of having it as a snack. It worked out pretty well, though I think if I ever get this one in a box in the future I will just savor the raisins on their own. They lost something inside my yogurt. The following pictures is basically just a tease of my delicious breakfast. 

Chobani Simply Vanilla and Raw Ohio Honey. Mmmmm/

Add scrums


Mix and enjoy! So good!

 This box was a little hit or miss for me. I hope the next two boxes REALLY blow my mind. 

Oh! And if you guys would like to try it for yourself... enter the code you see below. You'll get your first and your fifth box for FREE!! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Small Ulta order

I got that Not Your Mother's Beach Babe shampoo and conditioner sample in my Influenster VoxBox not long ago and decided I cannot live without this product in my life. It smells delicious. Intoxicating, even. It has this rich coconut scent that just screams of a sunny day at the beach. It makes my hair soft and wavy and gives it a bit more volume than I'm used to. It's also sulfate free, which is a huge pro for me. They were on sale at Ulta for buy one get one for 50% off, so how could I say no? I couldn't. They always give you the option at checkout for them to send you some sort of samples too. Things like fragrances or skincare. I chose skincare this time around. This is what I got:

You can always go check out Ulta for yourselves. They almost always have great sales going on. This is one of my favorite places to shop.

My ginourmous tubes of beach babe. Mmmm. And sample things

They sent a new BB cream to try. Generous sized sample. I can't wait to try it out!

A cleansing wipe for acne prone skin from Murad and an ionic clay mask from Botanics. 

Again, not a subscription at all, but it qualifies since I order it online and it is part of my fun mail.

Coffee & Company

This is not a subscription but this is a company I discovered one year on vacation in Gatlinburg. Tennessee. I've been a faithful customer for many years now and I recently decided I needed some new beans to sip on.

The woman that runs the company is Jeanette Peterson. She always includes a free sample (at least one, sometimes more) and she always includes a little note to say thanks. The actual shop is tiny and charming and smells like heaven. I hope to someday go back and browse her shop and smell all the goodness and then order a fresh cup and go sit out in the sunshine and enjoy the day.

The thank you note!

My two pounds of coffee and the free sample

Smoky Mountain Mist
Blend of Indonesian, African and Central American coffees. Medium body with clean after taste.

The sample is LeConte View

Aromatic blend of Indonesian & African coffees with a rich smooth taste. Hints of fruity black currant notes. Medium bodied and well balanced. 

And last, but not least, Highlander Grogg.
A tasty  blend of Irish Crème, rum and hazelnut.

The descriptions really don't do them justice. I've had the two I bought before so I can testify to their good ness but I have not tried LeConte View yet. I'm sure it will be equally good. These beans are always nice and fresh, well roasted, and even a touch oily. Highlander Grogg is my absolute favorite. I almost always order a pound of that every time I put in an order. 

They have a nice assortment of straights and flavors. They also offer decaf if you're trying to cut down your caffeine intake. Definitely check them out! They also change things up depending on season! The seasonal flavors can be pretty damned good! Check out Coffee & Company and let me know what you guys think!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wantable Intimates for July!

It's the day after the 4th and I just had a feeling there would be a package waiting for me in the mailbox today. I was correct. I sent my mom down to get it for me while she was here and we opened it together. She had a good laugh at my expense. I will explain as we go through the box together.

The first item I'm gonna talk about are these cute panties from René Rofé. Black  with white lace and a ruffle detail. So adorable! They are worth $12.00
Love these! The color, the lace and ruffle detail, the tiny little off-set bow. LOVE!! 

A close up of both the bow and the ruffle detail.
This next item is a black soft cup lace bandeau. Really more of a sort of light cami than a bra, in my opinion. Should work good with the next item on the list. It's worth $18.00
I dunno how this is gonna work out, but I'll give it a shot. I have a feeling it may be too large.

This is a seamless convertible bandeau, also from René Rofé. It can be worn as strapped or strapless and it has removable cups. It's very soft and breathable and it's worth is listed at $12.00

The next and also last item in the box is a zebra print babydoll with lace cups with ruffled trim and a ribbon detail. It comes with a matching thong they consider a bonus item. I hate thongs. They are not comfortable BUT it a cute item altogether so I can't really gripe. My mother laughed at me when she saw the look on my face when I saw it was a thong. Honestly, I should have known it would have been, but I had hope for the best.  This was the big ticket item in this months box at value of $42.00

*facepalm* This is a little embarrassing. It's cute, but thongs? Oi.

The entire value of the box this month adds up to $84.00. Not bad considering I subscribe for only 36.00 a month. The best part is that you really never know for sure what you're going to end up with from one month to the next and I'm a girl that completely enjoys a surprise. I twisted my moms arm to fill out her profile and now I'm getting her a monthly box, as well. It should be pretty fun to see what she gets compared to what I get. No, I won't be sharing her box with you all, too. Sorry!

If you guys like what ya see here (or last month!) please use my referral link!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Horror Block Debut!!!

The fine folks who bring us NerdBlock have now started a sub box specifically for those of us weirdos who love and live for horror. I was so excited to see this was starting in the month of June. Of course I had to sign up.

Every month you get a shirt and a Rue Morgue magazine, which really pays for the box. The rest of the items you get can be considered extra fun. The box is roughly 20.00 a month but then another 9.95 for shipping (from Canada to the US... they ship elsewhere too but I don't know what the cost differences are). There are no referral codes at this time so you won't get any spamming from me but I'll give you a link to follow to check it out for yourself anyways.

Here's what came in the very first Horror Block!


Do I dare?

Of course I do!

My sweet shirt! 

Oooh! Bicycle Girl! <3
The side view!

What's in the mysterious blind box?
No other than Captain Spaulding! How appropriate!

Foaming blood gag soap. Yuk-yuk.

I'll prolly stick these on something.

The very latest edition of Rue Morgue. I can't wait to read it at dialysis tomorrow!

Pretty thrilled with this box for the shirt and mag alone. Everything else like I said is really just a bonus for me! Later this month I will also be getting and reviewing Dread Central's Box o' Dread so keep a look out for that!

Graze Box

Every two weeks, I get a new box from Graze. It's basically a sub box for healthy snacks. You can get your first and fifth box for free if you use my referral code. You can also score me a dollar off my next box. I like this particular sub because the box always seems to show up on dialysis days when I could use a light snack rather than fussing with making a dinner. It is much appreciated every time and it's only six bucks a box. I can't argue with that.

Here's what I got this time around!

A nice, no-nonsense package!

The goods!

So from right to left, top to bottom what we got was Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack. Basically it's like a soft-type granola with rolled oats and cinnamon and apples. Very delicious! Would be a nice breakfast with a cup of coffee. I happened to have it for dinner. 

Then Nature's Immunity Nuts. It was a simple mix of roasted pistachio, cashew, and brazil nuts. High in selenium and copper which is good for your immune system. Good, of course. 

Next is My Thai which is a Sweet Chili dipping sauce with baked soy bites. Now this is the ONLY one I haven't and won't try because I have been exceedingly nauseous this week and can't handle something of this caliber, so I will be passing it along to my father who lives for this sort of thing. Sorry guys. I just can't! 

And last but not least, Jelly Doughnut. This one was the best thing in the whole box! It really did taste just like a raspberry jelly doughnut! It's shaved almond, strips of raspberry fruit leather, dried cranberries, raspberries, and sponge pieces (basically like tiny little vanilla cookies). It was magical. 

Extremely happy with this box. Probably one of the most fun subs I have at the moment. It's like an adventure because you truly never know what will come in the next box.

Influenster VOXBOX: Surf's Up!

So I joined this site called Influenster  a while back where basically you link your sosh media sites and "unlock badges" that pertain to your lifestyle. You do some surveys, write reviews or give answers about products and stuff and over time it increases your "influence" on the site. Eventually (and it didn't take me more than a month or two...) they will send you a survey via your email to see if you qualify for any of their voxboxes they have up for the season.

I happened to qualify for their Surf's Up box this time around. I have to admit I was pretty jazzed when I got the news. Basically it's free stuff to try and review for doing almost next to nothing. Next to nothing is something I am pretty good at.

There really isn't a whole lot more to it, so let me just get to what I happened to get in the box and what I "could've" gotten.

Not showin' my addie, you perverts! =)

The first peek inside!

OMG... this stuff, yo....
These all smell like heaven! My head reeks of coconuts and it feels so nice. Sulfate free too, which I love because I have a sulfate allergy. I love what it does to my fine, limp hair. I actually have a little volume now! The after-sun lotion smells good enough to lick. Now if only I ever actually got any sun.

Have not tried this yet...kinda don't know if it's safe for dialysis patients. I gotta ask.

Sinful Colors polish in Dusky Rose (? I think ? I can't figure out where I stashed the bottle!
There was also a coupon for a free Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit I can redeem at whatever retailer sells it. I also COULD HAVE received a mascara from Covergirl, but I didn't. I'm glad I got the shampoo and conditioner because I have a TON of mascara and certainly didn't need any more. 

So this was fun. Not bad for free, eh?